Company Profile

LV Granito is founded in 2016, the main goal is to carve out a leading role in the tiles market as a first company which is providing extra ordinary surface for glossy, matt, high glossy, carving and authentic white series. Within just short period, ”LV Granito” has earned its reputation among the customers just because of aims to satisfy the needs of an individual, not only Providing Quality Insurance but are also providing cost effective tile with the help of Well-Organized Marketing & Distribution Channel among the India & Overseas Market.

LV Granito have highly automated production facility and ue State-of-The-Art technology to deliver best innovative quality tiles with the huge scale infrastructure facilities, large production complex and a team of talented corporative professionals. LV Granito has best capability to evolve with changing trend over the years by providing extensive range of product.

Today, the era of new generation wants drastic changes to convert the Traditional art into the Modern glint. They want to turn Bathroom into Glamour Room, Walls int Architectural Calligraphy, Bedroom into the Reflection of expressions with attitude and Halls alone withe Kitchen into Jeweller of Roof. Porcelain Tiles is the medium that has turned out these illusions into the reality.

Technology is moving so fast that self-life of every innovation is dropping exponentially. Now, in this new world business must bring to consumer continuous flow of new Ideas offering & constantly surprise and delight to them. Company must be able to sense & predicts trends of consmers regarding their lifestyle, financial status & latest technology and according to their combine it with stength, Weakness, Threats and Opportunities of their products.

Our Vision

Inspire to graceful world by providing global leadership thought innovative surfaces and various size with abiding quality ceramic product, at one place.To continuously improve the quality and design of products and to constantly increase customer delight is our prime vision.

Offering exceptional service in sales and support to bring pride and joy to homeowners, builders, developers, contractors &architects who use our products.


To launch innovative and world-class products to help customers realize their dreams, to manufacture products of the highest quality, creating an industry benchmark. LV Granito persist its slogan “LIVE YOUR VISION” and ensuring the dreams of better living. To be fast and flexible, to be able to grasp opportunities in the fast-changing world, to be transparent and fair to customers, suppliers, suppliers and employees in all our dealings.


Colours plays a determining role in choosing tiles. Colours can be a powerful tool, if you know how to use them. We understanding the different shades and tones and creating our superior quality colour shades of tiles and providing the verity of choices to customer and select the right tiles for their dream ambiance. LV Granito’s 8 colour inject print technology, provides eye touch colour combination. Our recently launched COLORICA series is the example of our mastery in colour technology.

Surface Effect

We give Architecture to a luxurious effect with our superior finish, shades and texture of tiles. We are producting Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles that create mesmerizing effect. We are truly price that our tiles are adding lavish touch in betterment of architecture.Presently we are providing Glossy, Matt, High glossy, Carving, Merallic, Sugar, Authentic white surface effect.


Creating any structure size are play important role, making any Architecture perfect we are delivering best size of tiles from small size to big tiles lile 60*60cm, 80*80cm, 60*120cm,80*160cm with vibrate textures and different shades that

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