The Collection Beyond Beauty

These days the ceramic industry is constantly evolving due to the availability of finest of the resources and best in class technology. Besides, tiles are becoming increasingly popular as décor elements. Making the most of the opportunities, LV Granito is brought to life to address the ceramic growth in the most elegant, natural and handy manner.

Since LV Granito is a part of Lovato Group, excelling in performance comes in the legacy. The very reason behind LV Granito’s inception is serving beautiful tiles having a sound and solid foundation.

Our Products

Why Us?

innovate on designing and technological front. Stay updated and evolve continuously as per market trends. Create a fruitful working environment.

Our Missions

To expand our portfolio and offer multiple tile solutions. To lead the ceramic industries with exclusive collection and exceptional services bucket

Our Vision

We should all be proud of the exceptional business we have created and remember the core values.

Our Values





Respectful of the Environment


Resistance to Fire and Heat

Hygienic Surface & Scratch Resistance

Technical Characteristics